A Howling Good Time!, part 1

January 31st, 2017

This blog post was written in 2014, I recently found and resurrected it. Please note some menu options and details about this restaurant may have changed since then. To my knowledge, they no longer offer the Bow Wow Brunch, but the patio is still dog friendly, and they offer live local music Thursdays through Saturdays.


This blog post marks the first of what I hope to be a series of articles about fun places to hang out with your pet in San Diego county. Now that my husband & I have adopted a new dog, we are experiencing the latest offerings in pet friendly businesses. One such  establishment is the Hotel Indigo in Del Mar (Hotel Indigo). Specifically, I’ll be reviewing the new “Bow wow Brunch” series they just stated a couple months ago with dog behaviorist, Linda Michaels (http://www.dogpsychologistoncall.com) Ive been to the first two brunches. Here’s how it went down….

6/8/14- Went to the brunch without my dog, Slugger, this time, as he’s still in training for some dog aggression issues and I wasn’t sure if I could trust him. Met my friends with their dog. Reservations are recommended, and I’m glad I had them, as the outdoor patio overlooking the ocean in the distance gets crowded quickly. There’s seating for about  25-30 I’m guessing, including the tables & couches. It’s a beautiful venue right on Camino Del Mar, off Del Mar Highlands exit off the 5.

The waiter bright us a small brunch menu, with all of the prices blacked out. When asked what that was about, he said they’re currently a little bit in flux because they got a new chef (who used to be personal chef for Bill Gates, so no slouch!), and new management, so pardon the disorganization. He took the menus to make it clearer & brought them back with almost everything on the menu blacked out! We all laughed, but the waiter was very embarrassed & apologetic. He explained that nobody told the chef about this special doggie brunch, so he wasn’t prepared & they were out of almost everything. My friends are vegan, so we were disappointed there were no vegan options. He assured us the menu would be ready for the next event next month. He was going to suggest to the chef to include vegan options. I ordered the one thing I could have wanted on the sparse menu. Basically eggs, potatoes in a cheesy sauce & fried chicken. We had mimosas too, made with Prosecco, no champagne there. A good meal, and my friends dog got my fried chicken since I don’t eat meat. No complaints from either of us.

Linda spoke for about 1/2 hour on dog issues. Interesting and useful info, especially new dog parents. There were about 10 dogs there, most on leashes and all well-behaved. Some of the attendees were visitors from out of town who were staying at the hotel. Most were locals who heard about the event from Linda. After she spoke, Linda did a Q&A session & answered all our questions, which was great. Then we had time to mingle and get to know other pet parents and meet their dogs. It was a fun time, and I always appreciate the networking aspect with other pet professionals and rescue folks.

7/13/14 -This time I brought Slugger, and my husband, along with my friends and their dog. Slugger did great and settled in after about 1/2 hour of excitement. The wait staff seemed slow and not very knowledgeable, calling a carafe “caraft”. We had two servers sort of bumbling around, and the female seemed like she was “on something”, if you catch my drift. There was still NO brunch menu. We had no choice but to order lunch. I ordered fish tacos, which the chef screwed up, but made me a third one on the house. They tasted OK, but he burned the fish, so it wasn’t quite up to expectations. I wonder if it was even the same chef as last time, sure didn’t seem it.

Linda spoke about how to teach your dog a reliable recall, and from a distance. She also discussed proper dog beach etiquette. A good discussion, with helpful tips for all. She did another Q&A session after her talk, which is always appreciated.

These events are expected to be held the second Sunday of the month, so I assume the next one will be 8/10 at noon. Try to make it, with your dog, I bet you’ll get something valuable from it! Even if the food is so-so, it’ll be a great time, and socializing your dog in public is always good practice.

I hope to see you at the Indigo!

-Gina McGrath

co-owner, Claws and Paws Pet Sitting Service

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Dog Training Tips by Peni Fitzpatrick

Posted in Dog Training & Behavior by Gina
January 24th, 2017

Every dog, no matter how well-behaved, could use an occasional refresher/training session. Years ago, I organized and attended a workshop with Peni Fitzpatrick, a dog trainer in Canada. She travels all over CAN & USA teaching people the basics of canine behavior, calm submissive dogs and calm assertive owners. She did wonders with our *formerly* dog-aggressive Dalmatian. I have seen her reform the most fearful of dogs. Her are some brief notes you may  find useful/helpful.

Building a bond of trust & respect is what it is all about.

Most learning takes place unintentionally, but some is planned.

Broadly, learning falls into two categories:

KNOWLEDGE – What to do

KNOW-HOW How to do it

Remember… I once mentioned the Japanese have a saying “ I hear I forget, I see, I remember I do I understand.”

Let’s look at what you need to be a good teacher & your dogs needs to be a good student.

You need to learn The four “R’s”……. knowing & using  these FOUR elements will contribute to good teaching & learning skills:


RESOURCEFULNESS, Knowing where to turn when you don’t know what to Do !

REFLECTION,  Stop and take Stock

REPETITION Expecting the same proper behaviour from you both every time and doing something about it.

Being inter active & keeping the focus, means you need to keep him interested in YOU! Your dog learns quickly that safety is being with you Keep in mind the leash is always on so you can stop him and refocus his energy onto you and what you want. That means you are upbeat, happy and are worthy of being looked up to and followed. If you just hold him back at the end of your leash & say NO….your not getting the message to him in the right way. “You always want to be the game”. Never go to the park or on a walk  then turn your dog loose to play with someone else or other dogs & your left out. When you do that you give up all your power & leadership. How can your dog look up to you when you do that.   Just saying or screaming your dogs name…goes no where as you know.  You want: your dog to listen ,obey, trust & respect you., so you have a great buddy to do cool stuff with.    Dogs need: YOU TO BE always  calm & assertive mean what you say & say what you mean & to know & use the four R’s be fair and show them just what it is you want them to learn. example Recall:  get my attention, “Bernard” ! give me a job, ”Here to me” AS HE TURNS OR EVEN LOOKS IN YOUR DIRECTION lots of appropriate verbal praise (no food) “that’s it  right here, good boy ! BRAVO!”  he gets to you lots of hands on loving up….must wait for you to “release” him. Obedience should be interactive &  fun, done everywhere and anywhere you go! Obedience is part of the walk in the park on the trail or downtown street. You wan to be able to take your dog everywhere you go, to the bank, sitting having coffee with friends in an outside cafe etc. This way you do not ever teach your dog  to think there is any situation that they don’t  listen & obey.   When Bernard gets “focused” on a squirrel you need to turn away from the distraction have the frisbee or ball and regain his focus on you! ….show him your more fun than chasing “Killing” the squirrel. When your at any park…your dog still drags his leash…that is how you can teach him not to play keep away or catch me if you can & how to come when he is called.   Your dog can play & socialize with other dogs while still remembering your still leader of him and it is all about what you want by you being interactive being out there & giving him things to do with you. Sure have a bit of a chat with others but don’t let your focus (eyes & mind) leave the reason your there (YOUR DOG). Get out there & mix it up with the dogs, your dog will be less likely to look at you as his property too.  Learning how to call him “out of play” with other dogs & getting the game focused on you.  Teaching your dog a solid “down”  using it appropriately ( never making him down when it is not safe around dogs who are not trustworthy(aggressive etc) if you do that he can not trust you to make safe choices. As you saw yesterday I always am part of the games….I can step in anytime and call my dogs off or to me. I never let “other peoples dog issues” interfere with the on going well trained behaviour of my own dogs.  There are no excuses for bad dog behaviours just owners who don’t or won’t do anything about it…which really makes it their issues.   The dog community is very well informed group and I have learned over the past 50 years…that people live vicariously through their dogs bad behaviours.   Last but not least….choose people who have to same goals & mind set as you. those are the dog people you want to hang out with.   woof…Peni  “Hana” “Switch” &”Betty” ^..^~!

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Proud to be voted Best Dog Walker San Diego 2016!

Posted in General Announcements by Gina
November 11th, 2016


In August 2016, I was notified by a client that Claws and Paws Pet Sitting Service was listed in Ranch and Coast magazine as best Dog Walker 2016! I quickly looked up the best of issue online and was elated to see our name in print. As a provider of pet sitting/dog walking services for 20 years, it was a thrill to get some recognition for hard work and dedication. Michelle and I are thankful for our fantastic clients and friends who voted for us! We so appreciate all of you, and love to be able to love on your pets each day.

If you haven’t utilized our dog walking services before, you may wonder how it all works. It’s easy as 1-2-3!

1. Contact us to set up a free consultation with you and your dog in your home. It’s best to not have any distractions, like children or friends, or other contractors demanding your attention. This meeting is our time to get to know each other and for us to get acquainted with your dog.

2. Once we sign the contract, it’s good for all future service. Just let us know what type of dog walking schedule you’d like to set up. we can accommodate regular dog walks, or sporadic, changing schedules. We strive to be flexible!

3. Once we have agreed on a schedule, (please know our times are always approximate, and can occur in a 2 hour window), we come over, walk your dog for the requested time, we always pick up any dog doo, and leave a note or text (your choice) when we return your pooch safely home. He’ll also get fresh water as needed and a treat if allowed. Easy peasy!

We’re not too busy for your referrals and would love it if you could refer your friends/neighbors/family to us for dog walking services and pet sitting. Simply send them to our website, www.clawsandpawspetsitting.com to get them acquainted with us. And if they hire us, you get a free visit or dog walk! It’s a win-win!

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Dogs In Need Of Space!

Posted in General Announcements by Gina
April 10th, 2012

I know, it’s been a long time since I blogged, but something came into my life today that got me a little fired up. I came across a link to an educational video, sent to me by a local dog trainer. As I watched it, I was floored and so grateful that it touched upon some of my most burning pet peeves as a dog walker. Most of my other dog walker friends agree, that, as we walk our clients’ dogs, or our own dogs, we really wish that others would simply ask permission before letting their dogs touch noses with ours. It’s very simple common courtesy, or at least it should be. Personally, I prefer not to let my clients dogs touch noses with others, as it keeps liability issues to a minimum. But there are many reasons why some dogs are “Dogs In Need Of Space”, or DINOS. They may be working (assistance) dogs, reactive to other dogs and people, sick, elderly, or just don’t want to be touched or jumped on, particularly. And there is NOTHING wrong with that. Not all dogs are happy Labs who want nothing more than to be petted. In fact, there are plenty MORE dogs that want just the opposite…they would prefer NOT to be handled, they simply want to be in their own space and go about their sniffing business. My dogs were both DINOS at some point in their lives, and yours will be also. So, I beg of you, Please, pretty please, if you ever come across a dog, *ask* the handler if you can pet him, or if your dog can say hello. *Listen* to the answer, and if it’s a “no, thanks”, please don’t be offended, as there is a good reason why the answer is no. Think about it, would *you* want to be touched and/or jumped on by every person you met on the street? Well, I know what my answer would be, and I know plenty of dogs who would agree with me. Below is the link, titled “DINOS”. Please watch it and resend. I’d love nothing more than to get this circulated around the country. *Everyone* needs to see it. Thanks for watching.

Recent Iams Cat Food recalls

Posted in Pet Health News and Alerts by Gina
August 8th, 2010

Procter & Gamble recalls 2 Iams cat food lots

Because we care about your cats, we want to make you aware of some recent cat food recalls from Iams. Info below:

CINCINNATI – Consumer products giant Procter & Gamble Co. said Sunday it is voluntarily recalling two lots of Iams brand prescription renal dry cat food because it could be contaminated with salmonella.

The products are available by prescription through veterinary clinics.

No illnesses have been reported, but an FDA analysis identified positive results on two lots of Iams Veterinary Formulas Feline Renal 5.5 lbs: numbers 01384174B4 0 19014 21405 1 and 01384174B2 0 19014 21405 1.

Codes are found in the lower right corner on the back of the bag.

Anyone owning the food should throw it out. Pets can become infected and people handling the dry pet food can become infected with salmonella as well if they do not wash their hands. Salmonella can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, seniors and others with weakened immune systems.

Customers seeking more information or a refund may call P&G at 877-894-4458.

Supreme Court blocks law banning animal cruelty videos

Posted in General Announcements by Gina
April 21st, 2010

Yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court voted 8-1 in favor of a defendant who was being prosecuted for marketing and selling videos showing pit bull dogs attacking each other and other animals in staged fights. The government, the Humane Society and 26 states are in favor of the law, which bans the marketing and selling of any material that depicts animal cruelty, but the court ruled that the law goes against the constitutional right of freedom of speech. The only existing law that is in contradiction of freedom of speech is that which governs child pornography.

Robert Stevens, of Pittsville, Virginia, ran a business called Dogs of Velvet and Steel, which sold videos depicting dog fighting. He was found to be advertising these videos in Sporting Dog Journal, an underground dog fighting magazine. After the ruling, Stevens told the news media that he was not a promoter of dog fighting, and was in fact a journalist and an author. He was initially sentenced to 37 months in prison in 2004, but the sentence was not served pending appeal. This was the first case to proceed to trial under the law since it’s conception in 1999.

Chief Justice John Roberts concluded that Congress had failed to show that depictions of dog fights justified a special category of exclusion from the right of free speech. As an example, the law would prevent even a news agency from producing an undercover documentary that included evidence of dog fighting. However, Justice Samuel Alito, who voted against Stevens, said that the most disturbing aspect raised by the appeal was the marketing of so-called “crush” videos, in which women crush helpless small animals under their feet. Alito suggested that these videos would become more widespread because the ruling had in effect made them legal. Chief Justice Roberts suggested that a law specifically banning these videos might be a valid avenue to explore.

In response to the judgement, Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States, said: “We have a consensus in society that animal fighting and malicious animal crush videos constitute cruelty. In order to give those values meaning, we need a set of laws that not only prohibit the core conduct, but also the sale of videos showing the illegal conduct.”

Nature’s Variety Recall

Posted in Pet Health News and Alerts by Gina
April 12th, 2010

This is sort of old news, but it might help someone:

LINCOLN, Neb., March 8 /PRNewswire/ — Nature’s Variety has expanded its voluntary recall of Chicken Formula Raw Frozen Diets for dogs and cats to include the "Best If Used By" dates of 10/29/10 and 11/9/10 because these products may be contaminated with Salmonella. Salmonella can affect animals and there is risk to humans from handling contaminated pet products. People handling pet food can become infected with Salmonella, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with the product or any surfaces exposed to these products.

Healthy people infected with Salmonella should monitor themselves for some or all of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping and fever. Rarely, Salmonella can result in more serious ailments, including arterial infections, endocarditis, arthritis, muscle pain, eye irritation, and urinary tract symptoms. Consumers exhibiting these signs after having contact with this product should contact their healthcare providers.

Pets with Salmonella infections may become lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever, or vomiting. Some pets may experience only a decreased appetite, fever, or abdominal pain. If your pet has consumed any of the affected products and is experiencing any of these symptoms, please contact your veterinarian.

The recall includes the following products with a "Best If Used By" date of 10/29/10 or 11/9/10:

* UPC#7 69949 60131 9 — Chicken Formula 0.75 lb trial sized medallions
* UPC#7 69949 60130 2 — Chicken Formula 3 lb medallions
* UPC#7 69949 60120 3 — Chicken Formula 6 lb patties
* UPC#7 69949 60121 0 — Chicken Formula 2 lb single chubs

In an abundance of caution, Nature’s Variety has also chosen to expand this voluntary recall to include all Chicken Formula and Organic Chicken Formula Raw Frozen Diets for dogs and cats with any "Best If Used By" date on or before 2/5/11. Nature’s Variety has elected to clear the market of raw frozen chicken diets as it implements a state-of-the-art new food safety process called High Pressure Pasteurization for use on all Nature’s Variety Raw Frozen Diets.

The products included in the expanded recall are any Chicken Formula or Organic Chicken Formula Raw Frozen Diet with a "Best If Used By" date on or before 2/5/11, including:

* UPC#7 69949 60131 9 — Chicken Formula 0.75 lb trial sized medallions
* UPC#7 69949 60130 2 — Chicken Formula 3 lb medallions
* UPC#7 69949 60120 3 — Chicken Formula 6 lb patties
* UPC#7 69949 60121 0 — Chicken Formula 2 lb single chubs
* UPC#7 69949 50121 3 — Chicken Formula 12 lb case of chubs
* UPC#7 69949 60137 1 — Organic Chicken Formula 3 lb medallions
* UPC#7 69949 60127 2 — Organic Chicken Formula 6 lb patties

The "Best If Used By" date is located on the back of the package above the safe handling instructions. The affected product was distributed through retail stores and internet sales in the United States and Canada.

No other Raw Frozen Diets are involved in this expansion other than chicken, and no other Nature’s Variety products are involved.

Nature’s Variety now uses High Pressure Pasteurization on their Raw Frozen Diets as a unique process to kill pathogenic bacteria through high-pressure, water-based technology. Having incorporated this state-of-the-art technology on a portion of their raw product offerings in late 2009, Nature’s Variety was able to confidently implement the process universally on all Raw Frozen Diets after the 2/11/10 recall in order to enhance food safety. Nature’s Variety also utilizes a test and hold protocol to ensure that all High Pressure Pasteurized Raw Frozen Diets test negative for harmful bacteria before being released for sale.

"Nature’s Variety believes replacing all raw frozen chicken products on the market with new raw frozen chicken products that use High Pressure Pasteurization is an important and responsible step in order to reinforce consumer confidence and trust," stated Reed Howlett, CEO of Nature’s Variety. "By recalling all raw frozen chicken products with ‘Best If Used By’ dates on or before 2/5/11, we can provide our pet parents with new raw frozen chicken products that have been processed through High Pressure Pasteurization. Adopting High Pressure Pasteurization is an important step to ensure that our products meet the strictest quality and food safety standards."

Howlett stated, "Our commitment to consumers in the future is the same as it’s been in the past — to offer Raw Frozen Diets made from the highest quality ingredients, made in our own plant in the Midwest, by people who care deeply about pet nutrition, health, and happiness."

If you are a consumer and have purchased one of these products, please return the unopened product to your retailer for a full refund or replacement. If your package has been opened, please dispose of the raw food in a safe manner by securing it in a covered trash receptacle. Then, bring your receipt (or the empty package in a sealed bag) to your local retailer for a full refund or replacement.

Consumers with additional questions can call the Nature’s Variety dedicated Customer Care line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 800-374-3142. For additional resources about High Pressure Pasteurization or other Nature’s Variety food safety protocols, visit www.naturesvariety.com.

Chronic Ear Infections/Skin Problems?

Posted in Pet Health News and Alerts by Gina
February 20th, 2010

In all of my years’ experience in pet sitting, the most common health problem I’ve seen in dogs especially, is itchy skin and ear infections. I am a firm believer that a good diet will greatly reduce these and other health issues for your pets. What I mean by a GOOD diet, is one that doesn’t come from a bag or a can necessarily, but that’s another topic for another post. Visit your local Pet Nutrition Center, or small pet shop and ask about high quality pet food, especially raw food, which I recommend to almost every pet owner.

Anyway, on to the subject at hand. Below is an article from Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM. He has great insight into how to treat our own pets at home, and in a more natural way. The only point I’d suggest differently is instead of flax seeds/oil, use salmon oil. I think it’s healthier for dogs, especially.



The MOST common reason that I see pet’s is for skin disorders.

* Chronic Itching, scratching and paw licking
* Ear infections that recur
* Yeast infections
* Allergies- airborne and food
* Parasites- especially fleas and lice

What can you do?

Well here are some remedies that I advise for the allergic dog or cat:

An oatmeal shampoo with cool water will ease the itchiest skin. Leave the shampoo on for 10 minutes then rinse well. With the most severe allergies, bathe your pet twice weekly.

Calendula ointment is a herbal medication that has been successfully used to relieve the itch. Apply a thin coat twice daily to affected areas.

Fatty Acid supplements are very helpful in decreasing the level of inflammation. Omega 3 fatty acids are most important. A great, inexpensive source is ground flax seeds; I give 1 tsp per cup of dog food. Cats are unable to metabolize flax, so I only recommend the liquid fish oil supplement for them. Other sources include primrose oil and specific veterinary supplements.

Vitamin E and Vitamin C may help: the Vitamin E dose is 100 IU per 10 lbs of body weight once daily; the Vitamin C dose is 100 mg per 10 lbs of body weight once daily.

Benadryl is the most commonly used antihistamine. It is give at a dose of 1 mg per pound of body weight, 2-3 times a day. Cats respond well to Chlortripolon at 2 mg, 2-3 times a day. It is best to consult your veterinarian before using these medications. It often takes 14 days of using these to see if they are helping.

These are compounds found in the pigment of fruits and vegetables. One found in apples, QUERCETIN, has been shown to be effective in reducing itchiness in people: the dose is 25 mg/10 lbs of body weight twice daily.

From: Dr Andrew Jones
Author: Veterinary Secrets Revealed
Website: www.theonlinevet.com

Merrick Dog Treat Recall

Posted in Pet Health News and Alerts by Gina
February 7th, 2010


For Immediate Release: January 14, 2010
Consumer Inquiries: 888-INFO-FDA

FDA Health Alert for Merrick Beef Filet Squares Dog Treats Packaged and Distributed by Merrick Pet Care
Products may be contaminated with Salmonella

The U. S. Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers not to use Merrick Beef Filet Squares for dogs distributed by Merrick Pet Care with a package date of “Best By 111911” because the product may be contaminated with Salmonella.

The product was distributed nationwide through retail stores and Internet sales.

Although no illnesses associated with these products have been reported, the FDA is advising consumers in possession of these products not to handle or feed them to their pets.

In December 2009, the FDA conducted routine testing of Merrick Beef Filet Squares and detected a positive finding for Salmonella. A follow-up inspection found deficiencies in the packaging and manufacturing processes.

Salmonella can affect both humans and animals. People handling dry pet treats can become infected with Salmonella, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with the treats or any surfaces exposed to these products. Consumers should dispose of these products in a safe manner by securing them in a covered trash receptacle.

Healthy people infected with Salmonella may experience some or all of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping and fever. Although rare, Salmonella can result in more serious ailments including arterial infections, endocarditis (inflammation of the lining of the heart), arthritis, muscle pain, eye irritation, and urinary tract symptoms. Consumers exhibiting these signs after having contact with this product should contact their health care provider immediately.

Pets with Salmonella infections may become lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever and vomiting. Some pets may experience only a decreased appetite, fever and abdominal pain. Infected, but otherwise healthy pets can be carriers and infect other animals or humans. If your pet has consumed any of the affected product or is experiencing any of these symptoms, contact your veterinarian immediately.

The affected Merrick Beef Filet Squares were packaged in a 10-ounce green, red and tan re-sealable plastic bag. The “best by” date is imprinted on the top portion of the bag, which is torn off when the bag is opened. The FDA recommends that consumers who are unable to determine the “best by” date discontinue use of the product.

Dog Training & Behavior Workshop

January 29th, 2010

I’m organizing the next workshop with our dog trainer, Peni Fitzpatrick. Here are the details, hope you can make it!:

Solve your dog’s behavioral problems in one weekend!

Join Peni Fitzpatrick* in a rare weekend workshop in Vista!
You’ll learn a reliable recall, how to stop aggressive behavior, canine body language, pack mentality, passing other dogs calmly, dog tricks, street smarts, everyday fun & much more! Bring your dog and his problems…Peni will bring solutions!

When: Sat., 3/20 10:00 – 4:00 and Sun., 3/21 10:00 – 4:00
Where: Vista, CA 92084 (address to be supplied upon registration)
How much: $150 for the 2 day workshop OR audit (observation, without your dog) 2 days: $75

***It is highly recommended that you bring your dog and participate both days, as Peni will be teaching you to work with your dog & going over different information each day.

Bring your own lunch if you like, or there are a couple restaurants close by. Bring plenty of water & a crate for your dog. There will be downtime for your dog, while Peni leads a theory discussion and question/answer period. Bring your most burning questions!

For more info & to reserve a spot, contact Peni Fitzpatrick at www.dogcompany.ca

Pay by cash only at workshop

Please RSVP by March 12, 2009

*Peni Fitzpatrick is a Dog Trainer and Animal Behaviorist well known across Canada and the United States. The Dog Company & Island Dog Sports are the two companies that Peni runs for all people with and without disabilities. She is a believer in teaching a bond of “TRUST and RESPECT”

Peni can turn any problem dog into a happy and obedient one, an accomplishment that some call Magic! Her infectious sense of humour, great personality and love of animals and their response to her will amaze you. Her training techniques are fun, for both you and the dog. You will be laughing and feeling confident within minutes and your dog will pick up on your positive attitude.

Peni wants to share her expertise with you, so you can have the same results!

Peni writes for newspapers & magazines, as a well respected Dog expert. Peni appears regularly in magazines, on radio and television and is an advocate for dog Sports for all dogs and all people. Seminars are done for Clubs or groups all across the country.

-Organized by Gina McGrath, Claws and Paws Pet Sitting Service-