Plants That Are Harmful To Your Pets

Yay! It’s spring again! Everything’s fresh, birds are singing and flowers and trees are all abloom. If you live in San Diego County, you can see the pollen everywhere and wildflowers are super blooming thanks to our wetter than normal winter.

If you love gardening as I do, and you’re blessed with even a small yard, you may be inspired to freshen it up with new plantings this season. But if you have pets, please wait before you get the gardening gloves on and read this article written by our friends at 1800proflowers! It gives a list and handy chart of 199 poisonous plants that can be harmful to our pets! And remember the cocoa mulch scare a few years ago? Stay away from that as well, just in case. Here’s the link. Educate yourself first, then happy gardening!:



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