2 weeks ago, my client passed away. Sad, of course. But what makes it even sadder is he didn’t prepare to have his dogs in his will. I have been their primary caretaker the last 2 1/2 years, and have become quite attached to them, I love them like my own. It kills me to write this, and try to find them a good home. But these 2 beauties are so sweet, they deserve a great home. They are currently living in Cardiff, CA. If you or anyone you know can either foster them or take them permanently, please contact me directly at gina@clawsandpawspetsitting.com

Here are their details. Riley is an approximately 6-year-old Pitbull mix neutered male, loves people, can be dog-reactive/aggressive. Kassie is about 5 years old, Labrador retriever/German Shepherd mix spayed Female, shy with strangers, afraid of small kids, loves dogs. Warms up to people over time & is friendly. They are bonded & should go together if possible. Probably not good with cats (chase). They are big love bugs with me. The owner passed away 12/1. His cousin has them now in Cardiff, CA but can’t keep them. Please share & let me know if you have any leads! Thanks so much!

Urgent plea: 2 Big Dogs In Need of a HomeUrgent plea: 2 Big Dogs In Need of a Home