Top 5 Dog and Cat Interactive Enrichment Toys

Since many states have started stay at home orders due to Covid-19, many of us have been walking our dogs much more, and pets have been enjoying more playtime. But for those of you you who are getting bored with the usual walks and need to work from home at some point, you might be looking for enrichment toys so your pets can entertain themselves. Here’s my top five list for dogs and cats:


  1. Kong toys

These have been a favorite of mine since the ’90s. Kong is such a strong, well-made product that can endure even the most aggressive chewers. Simply add treats or peanut butter (without Xylitol) ) inside, or prepare a frozen Kong by adding peanut butter or plain yogurt and kibble or treats & freeze, for several minutes of fun!

2. Trick Training

Not really a toy, but it’s definitely mentally enriching for your dog! Certified Professional Dog Trainer Robin Bennett teaches an online course that’s not only fun, but keeps the whole family busy (great if you have kids)! Go HERE to sign up.

3. Snuffle Mat

This is a great way to challenge your dog to forage for food. Just spread kibble or treats in the fleece mat and watch as he explores every nook and cranny for every last bit. It really helps slow down fast eaters, which aids in digestion and could prevent bloat and other health issues. They are available on Etsy, also. Support Etsy artists HERE if you can.

4. Treat balls

Our Pets IQ Treat Ball is a good one, but there are many different brands making them these days. Basically stuff the ball with treats or kibble and watch your dog spend his time getting food to drop out. It’s like watching a gambling addict play the slots!

5. Nina Ottosson Dog Puzzle Toy Game

There are many varieties of puzzle games, this line is one of the best. Fill holes with kibble or treats and watch your dog paw at the puzzle to dispense food. You may have to show him how to do it at first, but once he gets the hang of it, he’ll be on his way to fun!


Top 5 Dog and Cat Interactive Enrichment Toys

  1. Petsafe Automatic Laser Cat Toy

Most cats love laser mice, and this toy provides so much fun without you having to be there!

2. Pawaboo Cat Toy With Running Mouse

What cat doesn’t love a good mouse chase? Check out this toy for endless mouse chasing fun and a scratchpad all in one:

3. YueJing Interactive Cat Toy

Stimulate hunting instincts and senses. This automatic toy has a worm hunt, and food dispensing feature all in one!

4. Catit Senses 2.0 Circuit

All I can say is, how COOL is this? A circuit of toys you can rearrange every few days so your cat doesn’t get bored! Includes LED ball for nighttime play.

5. Petsafe Slimcat Toy and Treat Dispenser

A good all-around treat ball for cats!

I hope your pets find as much pleasure in these toys as I had in picking them out for you! Enjoy playtime with your pets, and happy shopping!



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