5 Reasons to Observe Walk Your Pet Month

Congrats, we made it to 2021! Well, if 2021 were a subscription service, I’d end my 1-week trial and unsubscribe. But alas, pandemic or not, this is our life now. But just because California is in yet another lockdown, doesn’t mean we have to park our butts on the couch and hunker down with our pets, Netflix and a box of bon-bons. In fact, January is not only Walk Your Pet month but also Weight Loss Awareness month! Makes sense… New Year, new resolutions usually consist of some sort of weight loss goals for many of us. Have you made any New Year’s resolutions? For you or your pets? If so, I’d love to hear them.

Personally, I don’t usually make resolutions, but rather live my life in such a way to reach my personal and business goals, constantly moving and improving.

But January is a great time to push the reset button and start new healthy habits. Get your pet outdoors, exercise more with them. Breathe fresh air. This is all (as of this writing) “allowed” by our government, and good for us too!

Have you recently taken a good look at your pet’s body and assessed if he needs a weight loss plan? If not, here are some graphics that might help you get a clearer understanding of a healthy body shape.

Cat Chart

Reasons to Observe Walk Your Pet Month


Here are just a few benefits of walking your pet:

Strengthens Your Bond

Quality time together with your pet creates a wonderful bond. This bond promotes trust between you and your dog, a very important aspect of any relationship. Some often remark that daily walks in beautiful outdoor places often feel like they’re on a date.

Helps with Weight Control

Any exercise, like walking, helps keep weight off and promotes a variety of other health benefits, like improving circulation, heart and muscle functions. Especially after the holidays, this is very important to work off those chocolates and holiday overindulgence!

Improves Socialization

Walks are a great way for you and your dog to experience the world together. Try hiking new trails you haven’t been before (I’ve been doing a lot of this lately with my husband and dog); take in the sights and smells around you.

Increases Physical and Mental Health

Humans and pets have similar diseases that can be prevented or treated by regular exercise and a healthy diet. Not to mention the extra activity is great for overcoming boredom. Keep feet and mind active: Your pet will be happy and you’ll be thankful for the improved behaviors around the house.


Decreases loneliness

Solitary walks (for the humans) or sitting in the backyard (for the dogs) can get pretty lonely. Quality walks with your four-legged pal can reduce feelings of loneliness for you and your pet. Missing your friends during this pandemic? Make a walk date and walk with masks, 6 feet apart.

to Observe Walk Your Pet Month

And yes: cats can and should be walked outdoors too! Just make sure they’re wearing a snugly fitting harness, leashed and never let them out alone, as coyotes live all over San Diego County, and can grab your cat or small dog in seconds…..it happened to my neighbor in Encinitas (and happens to many others daily!).

If you need any help with walking your pets, please email me. Best wishes for a fresh new year! Let’s get out, and get active! Your pet will thank you.



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