Why Does Your Pet Stare At You?

Your pet does some really interesting things around the house. One of the questions we often ponder is “why does my pet stare at me?” There are a few reasons why your pet could be staring at you. Read on for insight into the mystery.

Dogs often stare because they want something. It could be that you have a tasty treat or food. All dogs are food driven opportunists. If they smell it, they usually want it. And they have a way of smelling it or knowing you’re going to get it before you even know! Dogs also learn quickly that kitchen, cupboard and bags mean food is coming out.

Dog also stare because they may want to go out to urinate/defecate. By staring, they’re trying to get your attention. It’s your responsibility to be aware of that so you can best meet their needs.
A tense dog with a hard stare, whale-eye (you see the whites), bristled hair on hackles, a growl or showing teeth/curled lip are definite signs of aggression. Beware, and slowly move away, do not stare at the dog, try to make yourself small or still like a tree. Lick your lips as a sign of appeasement.

Dogs also stare sometimes as an act of admiration and love. Soft stares are especially sweet…who can resist those big puppy eyes?!

Does Your Pet Stare At You

If your cat has a loose tail, loose muscles and a soft stare with a slow blink, they are showing you affection. You can return the favor by blinking slowly right back at them

However, if your cat is showing a hard stare, lashing tail and tense muscles, it’s a sign of aggression. The best thing you can do is look away and throw something in the other direction for a distraction or for them to chase. Leave them alone and let them decompress.

Sometimes a cat will stare because they want food or a treat. Often times your cat will stare because they’re just wondering what you’re going to do next. Good old-fashioned kitty curiosity!

They also stare sometimes when they want to play. Sometimes the cat will stare because they just want to connect with you. Pet your kitty and most likely purrs will follow.

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