Dog Training 101: The Basics

Giving your dog obedience training is one of the primary things to give your dog besides food, shelter, and exercise. Whether the dog you just got is an adult or a puppy, you must train them while they are still adjusting to the place.  Training them keeps the people around them, especially kids, safe. Obedience training will also prevent your dog from messing up your home by teaching them the correct behavior. This training will prevent them from being rowdy and naughty at the wrong place and time. Here are some commands you should teach the dog you just got to achieve the said benefits.


The easiest command to teach your dog is to sit down. Sitting down is the most natural concept for your pet, so this is one of the commands they can learn quickly.  Once your dog knows how to follow this command, it will be easier for them to understand the other commands you teach them.

How to teach your dog to sit:

  1. Get your dog’s attention by holding a treat. 
  2. Bring the treat near your dog’s nose and in their direction until they back down to sit. You can also try lifting the treat above your dog’s head but not too forward. This action will force them to sit down to reach the snack.
  3. Once their butt touches the ground, give them the snack as you say “yes.” Positive keywords will help them understand what they are doing. 
  4. Repeat this a couple of times. Once they get used to it, do the same without the food in your hand. Reward them with a treat once they sit down. 
  5. Continue doing this a few more times. Once he gets the hang of it, start saying “sit” before doing the hand signal. 

It is essential to reward them once they do what you are asking. This will help them know and distinguish what you want them to do.

Training 101 The Basics



If your dog knows how to stay, the chance of them running to the streets or somewhere hazardous will lessen. Like the other commands, this will help keep your dog and the people around them safe.

How to teach your dog to stay:

  1. Put a treat on your hand. Give a hand signal (you can use your palm as a signal for “stop”) when they approach you. 
  2. Wait a few moments, say “stay,” then give it to them. Make sure that they are lying or sitting down when you reward them. Do not give the treat if they are standing or approaching you.
  3. Continue doing this while slowly increasing the time your dog is sitting or lying down. 
  4. Once they get used to this, gradually increase your distance.


Training 101 The Basics


This command is essential, especially if you take your dog off-leash. Teaching your dog to come when called will help keep them and the people around them safe and avoid any hazards. 

How to teach your dog to come:

  1. Go near your dog and say their name and “come.” If you want, you can also just use their name or the word “come.”
  2. Say their name or “come” and give them a treat. This lets them know you want their attention once you say those words. 
  3. Once they get used to it, place the treat on the floor. After they eat the food, say the chosen words. Give them a treat again once they look at you.
  4. Continue doing this but place the treat farther over time. Give them a treat once they turn to face you. Do not overuse the words; twice is the limit. Continuously repeating the command words will confuse them.
  5. Once they understand the concept, try going further and calling their name or using the word “come.” Once they get to you, give them a treat or pet and praise them.

Continue doing this but at a greater distance. You can go to the beach or park when training them. The bigger the space, the better. You should also pay attention to their safety. While training your dogs, they might trip or run into something. If needed, contact your vet, or if off hours, Veterinary Emergency Group in Encinitas.


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