Review of Olympus Park in Encinitas, CA


Recently my husband and dog visited Olympus Park in Leucadia, CA.

This park is a great place for dogs and their owners to enjoy some outdoor fun. This small park is relatively new (about a year old), well-maintained and has plenty of space for dogs to run and play. There are separate fenced areas for large and small dogs, which is great for safety and comfort. However, the dog runs are of similar size, and not very large. There are poop stations and plenty of garbage bins. The park also has water fountains for dogs and benches for owners to sit and relax.

Unique features of Olympus Park Encinitas, CA

Olympus Park boasts several unique features that make it stand out. One of its most prominent features is the impressive skate park, which attracts skateboarding enthusiasts from all over the area. Additionally, the park offers a large playground area for kids, complete with swings, slides, climbing structures, a sledding zone, and even a zipline! The park also has a large grassy area, perfect for picnics or games of frisbee. On the grassy field, there is an amazing reflexology path! It is a circular path of stones to massage your feet. There is also a sign pointing out all the reflexology trigger points on your feet. My husband and I both walked it (he with socks, and I with bare feet), and we both felt amazing afterwards. Our feet felt tingly.

Olympus Park in Encinitas, CA

Olympus Park in Encinitas

Unfortunately, what’s lacking at this park is a trail system. No trails to be found, it’s more of an expanded community park. However, there are beautiful walkable trails from the park leading around the adjacent neighborhoods. We enjoyed these very much, as they were nicely shaded and quiet on a weekday morning.

Overall, the Olympus Dog Park is a great option for anyone looking for a safe and enjoyable place to take their furry friend for some exercise and socialization. Remember to always bring fresh water, especially in the summer, and poop bags for your dog. Enjoy! And remember, if you ever need a dog walker, our staff is ready and available to walk your dog in this area, we’d love to swing by this park!



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