15 Ways To Love Your Pet This Valentine’s Day

February is the month of love! 2/14 is Valentine’s Day, but there’s actually a lot to celebrate in February with our pets, including Pet Dental Health month, Doggy Date Night (Feb 3), Puppy Bowl Sunday (Feb 11) and National Dog Biscuit Day (Feb 23).

1. Take them for a special walk together and make sure to bring some treats for the journey. My favorite easy walks are San Elijo Preserve in Cardiff, Cardiff Rail Trail or any beach. More challenging hikes include Encinitas Ranch Trail, Indian Head Canyon Trail in Leucadia or Annie’s Canyon Trail in Solana Beach.

2. Set up a cozy spa day for them with a luxurious pet-friendly shampoo, teeth brushing, ear cleaning and a massage. Personally, I like the idea of a self-serve dog wash at local pet boutiques like Earthwise Pet in Cardiff or La Costa, or the newest in town – Carlsbad Pet & Feed in Encinitas. Easy tub washing and you get to leave the mess behind, no clean up!

3. 2/23 is National Dog Biscuit Day. Make them some homemade treats with their favorite ingredients.

4. Give them a new toy or puzzle to keep them entertained. A favorite idea is to fill a Kong toy with (xylitol-free!) peanut butter. Great for a frozen treat also.
















5. Spend some extra time snuggling and playing with them. 

6. Let them sleep in your bed or have a special blanket just for them. 

7. Give them extra cuddles and kisses throughout the day. 

8. Take some extra time to brush their fur and make sure they look their best. 

9. Take them to a pet-friendly restaurant and let them enjoy the day with you. A local favorite is Best Pizza & Brew in Cardiff, which is having a special fundraising event 2/13 for Rancho Coastal Humane Society! From 11-9, mention RCHS and 35% of sales will go to RCHS!

10. Buy a special outfit for them to wear on Valentine’s Day. 

11. Make them a special Valentine’s Day themed photo shoot.  

12. Set aside some time for a game of fetch or hide-and-seek. 

13. Give them a special Valentine’s Day card just for them. 

14. Add a few drops of their favorite essential oil to their bedding or collar.

15. Take them on a shopping trip to Rancho Coastal Humane Society thrift shop in Cardiff on 2/13 – 2/14 for discounts on pet items & items for you too! Big sale those days, with 20% off jewelry and 50% off select boutique items! Peruse the pet section and pick up a new collar, harness or bedding. There’s always something interesting there!

Whatever you decide to do with your pet, enjoy every minute of them, as they are not on this earth for long. In our busy day, our pets appreciate every moment of attention they can get. If you’re pressed for time, working or traveling, contact us for your dog walking and pet sitting need. 



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